Artist statement

Tatiana Blanco’s sculptures appear simultaneously modern, zen-like, and at times pre- historic; thus appealing to eastern and western sensibilities and transcending space and time. In the detailed fabrication of Blanco’s work, visual beauty is always a substantive part of her sculptures. Present in each collection is the ideal that body language opens up a realm of communication. The process of creating each piece is rooted in transfer of energy.

The technique of Blanco’s weaving and connecting of metal ribbons is open to in- terpretation. Like dendritic nerves that communicate or veins and arteries that car- ry oxygen, each strand interconnects to become integral parts of a whole. Likewise, it is the basic need of all living things to interact within a greater scale of necessary so- cial, emotional, and spiritual communication as the ribbons of her work connect on these planes. Blanco’s personal artistic aesthetic is derived from her independent re- search and study of ancient civilizations, particularly Egyptian and Mayan cultures, to un- derstand the cyclic influence of art as a form of communication and historic events. The use of the conductive metals, as copper and aluminum, transfer the energy from the artist into the pieces in order to create the conceptual and sensory element of motion. The primary focus is to inspire a connection between the viewer and the energy in each piece during creation, identifying the rift between societal constraints and self-perception to come to a place of enlightenment within the connection of energy that is present within the universe.

In the creation of her sculptures, Blanco weaves soft 2-dimensional ribbons of copper or aluminum to create volumetric figures. The final anthropomorphic shape represents Tatiana’s understand- ing of classical figuration in a unique contemporary form. Simultaneously, her sculptures satisfy

the ideology of creation transformed from simple building materials to more complex structures.